Andrew Bogulski
Owner / Black Widow Deer Lures

"It brings me great satisfaction knowing that I can offer my
fellow hunters a proven product. I enjoy the friendships and
stories that I have experienced thanks to my Black Widow
Lures product line. Please scroll through the letters that
were written to me. There will definitly be more to come.
Thank you and good luck on bagging that Trophy Buck"
Dustin Bogulski
  Rod Morrow
The woods where I hunt are great in the evenings but,in the mornings, the deer have already moved back through to their bedding areas. Due to work, I could only hunt in the mornings. One morning, I went in well before daylight dragging a rag in circles around my tree stand that was soaked in your Hot & Ready. I was hoping that this would hold a buck up in our woods until shooting light. At 7:35am guess what was going in circles grunting with every step!

Thanks for a great product,

Rod Morrow

P.S. I had almost written off all scents and I still have except one!

Rod Morrow

In the past two years, I have gotten the best bucks of my life. The biggest factor in these successful hunts was Black Widow Lures. This year, I placed Dominator in a film canister with very small pin holes in the bottom so that it would drip out slowly. I put this on a branch about six feet off the ground directly above a natural scrape I found Nov. 7th. I almost fell over a week later when I saw what happened. There were two new scrapes and all three were now the size of my coffee table. I refilled the one film canister and hung another. Opening day lasted less than an hour for me.

Thanks again Andy!
Rod Morrow.










            Billy Smith of Petal MS with his 2005 OH Buck
and his 2005 MS  Buck he got
using Black Widow Lures Hot-N-Ready 

The Petersons all Agree Black Widow Lures
Don't go into the woods without them



Robert Greer
Owner - Bob's Maine Connection
West Grove, PA

I was out scouting a couple days before opening day.  I saw
this bull  so I sprayed some Black Widow Moose Lure hoping to keep him in the area.  On opening morning I went back to this
spot, and there he was.  It took all of eight minutes.  Thank You
Black Widow Lures!
Burley Hall

Thank You Andy. Great product!
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